2024 Nationals Slots

2024 Carry Optics Nationals Slots

 In the South Carolina Section Nationals Slots are determined by Activity Points earned per each Section and then each USPSA club.  Each USPSA Club gets Activity Points depending on the amount of participants they have in each division.  Those points are all added together and divided by the amount of slots available.  We were awarded 5 slots.  

The South Carolina Section Champion will receive a slot unless they were awarded one by USPSA.   Tyler Meisenheimer the 2023 South Carolina Carry Optics Champion was awarded a slot since he was not awarded a slot by USPSA.  

This leaves 4 slots to be distributed to the USPSA Clubs.  We add together all the activity points and divide it by 4.  Based on this each slot is worth 1061.38 Activity Points.  

SC09 - Spartanburg Practical Shooting Assn was awarded the 1st slot with 1375 Activity Points and has 313.62 points left over

SC21 - Belton Gun Club was awarded the 2nd slot with 954.25 Activity Points

SC02 - Mid Carolina Rifle Club was awarded the 3rd slot with 790.75 Activity Points

SC03 - Palmetto Gun Club was awarded the 4th slot with 417.25 Activity Points

Before SC09 - Spartanburg Practical Shooting Assn left over points (313.62) came into play we ran out of slots to distribute.  IF they would of had more leftover Activity Points then a USPSA Club they would of then been awarded that slot.  This would of come into play if we had 6 slots to distribute.

Each USPSA Club will then distribute their slot and notify me of the person awarded the slot.

If their are unused slots for the Section they will be turned back in and awarded.

If you did not receive a Slot for the 2024 USPSA Carry Optics Match and would like one please send an email to: 

Todd Holmes 

South Carolina Section Coordinator