PoE / Wifi Battery Boxes

In order to continue Bill Duda's from Go Fast Don't Suck's initiative to supply clubs with knowledge on how to create an outdoor wifi network I am sharing my experience so you can also build outdoor wifi for your home club because as we all know Live Scoring is awesome!

Some of the items I would recommend researching as you start the process.  Pick out what router you are going to use for your wifi network along with the mesh access points.  Ubiquiti is what Bill has used and is proven.  Belton Gun Club has Ubiquiti powered by West Carolina TelOnce you have chosen your hardware make sure the access points can be powered by any PoE switch not a proprietary PoE injector.  If you do not have the router and mesh access points buy the router, mesh access point and a PoE Tester.  Set up the network and mesh access point.   Use the PoE tester to see what the output voltage is to power the access point.   You will need to ensure you order the PoE Injector that matches this output voltage.  Make sure the mesh access point works on another PoE switch, injector, etc...  If you have the equipment but are not sure of the PoE output I would recommend buying a PoE tester to ensure you are ordering the correct output and do not fry any equipment.  Don't ask why I recommend this...

Once you have these steps done you can start to identify how many access points you believe you will need for your location and purchase the equipment.  At this point you will need to purchase the PoE injector that matches your output voltage.  The one listed in the parts is for 48v out.  Bill recommend using a Tycon Systems PoE injector.  I had issues with other brands that were able to get here quicker but ended up costing me time and money.   When the Tycon's arrived a few days later I used them and continue to use them.

Bill suggested to use the MTM Ammo Crates and carrier and I would also.  The one thing I would change is only use 2 crates out of the 3 and use the 3rd for parts etc...  You will be able to align all the ports on the upper portion of each side with out having to go lower on one crate which caused some fitment issues. The parts and tools list are below the pictures.

Please note this is what works for my design with input from Bill Duda.  However neither of us are liable for any issues, bad parts, fried parts, mistakes, etc...  Please consult a wifi and electrical nerd and be sure to include fuses to protect your investment.

It is worth noting that at Area 6 in 2023 they used a Jackery 290  battery pack with an Ubiquiti access point.  They said it worked well throughout the match.  It did not have solar hooked to charge it throughout the day and if weather came it would need to be placed in a waterproof container.

Todd Holmes

South Carolina Section Coordinator


Parts List

Tools List

(This is a full list assuming you did not have any of them)